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welcome to the euphoric nightmare of genocide

can you control the hatred

9/11/08 12:12 pm - this is an old live journal

this is the tomes of my past....follow the footprints in the snow where the ice ends and the dessert lands begin........and witness a full frontal assualt on all that repressed me


12/27/06 05:54 pm - the pubic regions of satan rubs christ the right way!!!!!

hello you sobbing pukes ......my child like pervese yet watchfukl audiance .......i am now a priest of the church of leviathan and will gladly piss on any cross i see........of course in the nicest of ways!!!! also i am officiouly ADF.......which is a druidic fellowship........but i am mainly an occultist who likes great PR......but unfortunately im not good enough to be in a mag.......i am a piece of rotting flesh and well aware that the human spieces ........the ones who proclaime to be normal and live "good christian lives".......are worth the shit on my boots and i usually hate to be the one to say it but they bore the shit out of me.......and dont get me started on the prvate university known by all means as LIBERTY UNIVERSITY!!!!!...........thwe students before entering the school are pretty cool before hand ....listening to half way decent music.....and doing drugs and drinking.......but as soon as they walk through the thresh hold.......fucking christ......they surgicaly staple a bible to there hands and say that they are sinless.....i say bull shit .............they just hide in a closet and look a fag mags and jack off to there own ass.......basicaly they become completly fucking boring........well thats all for now......but ill be back with a shit load of heathen words next time........AVE SATANAS!

1/8/06 05:14 pm - the starvin artist has got a break

i am getting paid to do a wall painting in the mens room of whiskers raw bar on main street in downtown lynchburg......im so excited so any one reading wish me luck that i do a good job.


12/12/05 03:34 pm - indecent proposal

ok boys and girls i am at a wits end ............i have no money and i am so broke i cant even afford an oppinion i have been looking for a job in downtown lynchburg for the past 3 months and i have not found anything and it is deppressing the shit out of me so if any one in the area knows where i can get a job let me know oh and friday nights at the BISTRO is ACTIVE 8 two of my friends are DJing from 8:00 PM
to 2:00 AM those who are intrested show up and you will deffinately have a good time.

12/9/05 04:05 pm - Dimmu Borgir lyrics - puritainia

Let chaos entwine
On defendeless soil
Remove errors of man
And sweep all the weakening kind

I am war,I am pain
I am all you've ever slain
I am tears in your eyes
I am griefs,I am lies

Bygone are tolerance
And presence of grace
Scavengers are set out
To cleanse the human filth parade

I am pure,I am true
I am all over you
I am laugh,I am smile
I am the earth defiled

I am the cosmic storms
I am the tiny worms
I am fear in the night
I am bringer of light

11/28/05 06:36 pm - understand i am a very disturbed and dark artist!

ok this is what i ultimately want to do.......
i want to make a movie and or do an exhibition blending three aspects:\
bondadge/fetish art
occult art

for background atmosphere:

some sort of heavy metal like
deacide> death metal
morbid angel>
cannibal corpes>


black metal

dimmu borgir
any of the french black legions

with some gothic influences (i am very unsure which at this point)

i dont want to do this for pornographic purposes just for the purpose of art.

i would name it GENOCIDE of THE FLESH and the SUFFERING the SOUL.

if any one has any comments please let me know i am always intrested in inqouries about my artistic mind
and if you like the idea and have ideas to add to this let me know


11/27/05 06:53 pm - suffering for the sacrafice of somthing beautiful

i give up hope on ever finding love or a companion and i now know that i have no soulmate for atm i am or was disireing somthing i could never have and with the belief that everything is possible i now realise there is one thing that is impossible.................love


through several experiances i have learned to divine on suffering,through pain i have realized that the simple pleasures in life are earned by sacrafice.fuck what you thought pain is ,"pain is for the weak suffering is for the pure".once you loose everything you have ,and all you own is a name then you truely realize who and what you are. i am a demon i am the incandesance of a nuclear euphoric genocide of the soul. at this point in my life i do not care any more,every bit of pain i recieve is pure euphoric pleasure,i am a connaiseur of pleasure, i enjoy and embrace all sins.

8/6/05 09:42 pm - i have.........

i have a new community occult_incan so go check it out and tell a friend

8/4/05 10:58 am - struck down

god is going to strike me down for this layout god damnit i love blasphemy
comment if you like my layout
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